A Lament of the [Practical] Death of CentOS

As you may have seen posted by CentOS and Red Hat on their respective blogs, CentOS is transitioning away from traditional (long-term) releases. This change has upset thousands of SysAdmins worldwide. I have, therefore, prepared an original composition expressing my shared, heartfelt sorrow. Please join me in mourning as you are able.

A Lament of the [Practical] Death of CentOS
Written by Ian Harrier
Commissioned by K.M.

To be sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in a minor key, with “CentOS” being [correctly] pronounced “sent-oh-ess.”

Love, peace, harmony
CentOS wert thee
Everyone, everywhere, weeping and suffering
Is about to be

Sites, blogs, did you pow’r
Services galore
Solid and stable and lightweight and capable
Not forevermore

Dread, fear, questioning
Rocky, are you mine?
Oracle, Debian, Red Hat, and SUSE are
Looking oh so fine

Row, row, row your boat
Gently up the Stream
Beta and bugs are the new state of normalcy
CentOS ain’t Stream!

Yes, I know my songwriting ability is lacking. If you need something good to listen to, I commend this song to you instead. It is so much better.